It was May 2020 when we found that we had a lot more time on our hands. Like pretty much everyone else we were locked in our homes and in the middle of a global pandemic.  Two thirty somethings, anxious about the current, nervous about the future and longstanding sufferers of imposter syndrome.

We started to think seriously about how we should keep ourselves busy…and sane. Not least, thinking of creative ways to start earning to top up that furlough…and maybe one day becoming financially independent.

All of us had been affected by this pandemic in one way or another. So many had lost their jobs, been furloughed, been left completely helpless and worthless and facing financial uncertainty. Was there a way that we would be able to create some sort of extra income and stability while helping others too?

One day, with a long list of birthday presents to buy (online of course, as the shops were still closed) and trying to remember the Instagram handle of a jeweller who’d made the most amazing earrings. It dawned on us that there wasn’t one website we could go to to browse for really interesting, different and original products where we could support local independents and that the products were all made in Wales.

The lightbulb moment came when a friends also vented that there wasn’t a website that was a Welsh version of a some of the other very well known online market places! We all wanted to be able to browse for products in Welsh and also find those quirky, unusual gifts of those cool accounts that we followed on Instagram.

It’s always been a dream to run our own business…was this our chance? We smashed any doubts we had and went for it. Bought a new notebook (there’s nothing like a brand new spanking notebook for lists and plans) and got to work. First, we made a wishlist of our dream independents and started building our website.

It was hard…we were slightly out of our comfort zone but we were getting there, our background with work gave us good grounding…both of us, who were quite good at procrastinating were actually starting to get focused.

We approached some independents and had amazing feedback. Our friends and family were also so supportive and thought it was a good idea so we went for it. It was really important to us that we were creating something that would also help and support independents from Wales.

It hasn’t been easy at all. Juggling everyday life and finding the time to get things done seemed impossible some days. Sometimes those to do lists stayed static and we’ve had a few setbacks. We kept focussed on our plan and slowly but surely the business we love started to come on board.

We really believe in Anni…it’s helping us smash down that imposter syndrome bit by bit and kept us motivated. This project has been exactly what we’ve needed and we’ve learnt so much along the way.

The fur coat is on (faux of course), lipstick on and we’re ready…here comes Anni.